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a movie straight from the minds of children

MONSTERS ROCK is a concept for an animated children's film-- based on the ideas, art, and stories of kids!

I created MONSTERS ROCK as my capstone research project at the University of Alabama. Combining studies in gender theory, media literacy, pedagogy, film, and human development, I worked with three children aged 5-7 to develop characters and stories to become the basis of a full-length animated film. MONSTERS ROCK is the unexpectedly heartwarming and incomparably goofy result.

A turtle-cyborg-rockstar and unicorn-kitty-mermaid find themselves awash in a strange world after a tsunami. To make it back home, they must find understanding through song.

SYNOPSIS: On a distant planet where music is magic, underwater fantasy creatures and desert monsters live at odds with each other. When a cyborg rock star attempts to end the fighting once and for all, he sets their world to chaos, and the ensuing storm separates a cheerful unicorn-kitty-mermaid princess from her home. Both rock star and princess find themselves in a strange new world, and in the quest to get back to their homes, they discover that no one is really a monster.

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