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hi there! i'm a multimedia artist, filmmaker, and lover of sleep based in atl, ga. life to me is somewhere between a fever dream, a surreal 70s horror film, and disturbing-yet-heartwarming fairy tale. creating art across the boundaries of medium and form is how i make sense of that.

i built this website and paid for the domain when i really needed a job. i have a job now, and one i'm very happy with, so i decided that if i'm going to pay for my own corner of the internet, it should probably feel a little more authentically me.

in short, i am exhausted with modernity, and in my humble opinion, portfolio websites are the MOST dystopian and dreary. i really miss the early days of the web, where instead of curating instagram feeds people just made butt-ugly websites and took up as much space as they wanted about whatever niche subject they wanted to use that space for. so i'm hoping to just continue posting my art here. maybe my thoughts on art. maybe nothing of the sort. who knows! 

here's to never feeling like my portfolio is something that has to be clean and polished and BORING ever again. 


welcome, slumbernauts

although I currently live and love in atlanta, talladega county, AL is home. <3

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