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things i've edited

things i've edited

sober up (2024)

directed by charissa palmer

written by charissa palmer and emily rachel gordon

produced by emily rachel gordon and annabeth olivia mellon (me)

edited by annabeth olivia mellon (also me)

tags: gen z, euphoria vibes, girls supporting girls, boys suck, friendship, peer pressure, anxiety, underage drinking, head empty party only, production design 4 dayz, best feminist award

overgrown (2021)

written, directed, and edited by annabeth olivia mellon

produced by b carpenter and jason anthony

original score by rumi kallenbach

tags: surrealism, fairy tales, rapunzel, cottagecore, experimental storytelling, mental health, trauma, autism, disability, panic attacks, imaginative, mother figures, intimacy, double exposure, covid production, thesis film

angels of porn unofficial music video (2019)

directed, shot, and edited by annabeth olivia mellon

with help from v garmon

starring b carpenter

featuring music by nicole dollanganger 

(please support her music she rules)

tags: fan video, bedroom music, eating disorders, depression, crisis of faith, the grotesque feminine, abject girlhood, sexual trauma in a purity culture, self-objectification, school project, bedroom culture, just girls being girls

virtual choirs (2021)

all edited by me for arts laureate and

featuring various community, school, and professional choirs, orchestras, and bands

tags: music, performance, my first job post-grad, weird covid times, interdisciplinary greatness

other things i've done

other things i've done

seal the deal (2021)

written, directed, and edited by micah deerman

produced by annabeth olivia mellon (me)

tags: trailer only, improv, horror comedy, demons, rock n' roll, scott pilgrim inspired, well produced if i do say so myself

ghosted (2020)

directed and produced by marquette jones

co-directed by annabeth olivia mellon and v garmon

featuring me as ivy the ghost girl

tags: loose in style, loose in plot, controlling men, and the psycho girls who love them, sapphic, movies made out of spite, movies that take place around 3am, movies that FEEL like 3am, my mentor marquette's last film, an exercise in willpower 

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